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For Immediate Release:

Dam Stuhltrager Project Space presents

Public Happening: April 14 @ Admiralbruecke (6 -7) / Parade: (5 – 6)
Vernissage: April 15 @ Dam Stuhltrager Project Space (7 – 9pm)
Exhibition: April 15 – May 20, 2011 @ Dam Stuhltrager Project Space

Curated by:                         Inken Bornholdt
                                          Verity Oberg
Featuring Work by:              Jade Brandt
                                          Chardia Budiman
                                          Tata Christiane
                                          Oona Colliander
                                          Elizabeth Dunn
                                          Kim Berit Heppelmann
                                          Ola Kopka
                                          Daria Marchik
                                          Margarita Mileva 
                                          Moga e Mago
                                          Mimosa Pale
                                          Lena Santana
                                          Leyla Rodriguez
                                          Pau Senabre
Vernissage Performance:     "Flamenco 8Bits" by Pau Senabre (7 & 9) 
Dancer:                              Juana Ramirez
Vernissage Event Program:    "TRIBAL BAROQUE" 
                                           a “DAMTATAC”® Production (7:30 – 9pm)
Curated / Art Direction by:     Daria Marchik
In collaboration with:             Tata Christiane Couture
                                           Katya Bochavar Textile Art
                                                    - ACT I -
Celebrity Performers:             EDEN BERLIN
                               HEDO LUXE
                                           POSH PRINCE the Glam
Designer:                             Petra Dos Santos Fetish & Leather
Vocals:                                Eugeniy Dahl
Live Band / Sound Art:          Aniaetleprogrammeur
VJ & Photographer:              Valquire Veljkovic
                                                    - ACT II -
Designers:                           Fräuline Kink Fetish Accessories
                                          Savagewear Latex Fashion
                                          Von Bardonitz
Vocals:                               Bianca Fox
Music:                                DJ Hubble
                                          Paris Suit Yourself
Performance Artists:            Kiril Bikov
                                          Pereira Bernaldina
                                          Clea Cutthroat
                                          Jasmin Dickerson "The Hitgirl"
                                          Pelin Pelin
                                          Mad Kate
                                          Rubbish Fairy
                                          Anna von Rüden
                                          Grace Ryan
Graphic Artwork:                  Inna Nebelyk
                                          Ermakov Roman
Hair Art:                              Persona Non Grata 
Additional Models:               Laura Brundrett
                                          Giselle Choo
                                          Nura Laguerta
                                          Ave Nimelliuv
Administrative Team:           Samantha Sachs
                                          Leah Stuhltrager

About WEAR IS ART: A city redefined several times in the last century, Berlin is an unparalleled example of the reflexive relationship between artist ingenuity and the society from which creativeness is derived. Berlin’s turbulent modern history has marked it as a place of eternal renewal, where starting over is not only possible but essential. This legacy of perpetual motion has attracted artists and designers to Berlin for decades.

Honoring this unique dynamism, "WEAR IS ART" presents original works exemplifying how fine art transcends white walls and gilded frames into a fashionable style. From a Flamenco dress of interactive LED lights to a modern Victorian ensemble topped with a soaring headdress of shot glasses to a gown comprised of over 15,000 rubber bands to a projected outfit – WEAR IS ART includes new works that re-envision subject matter, mediums and styles of tomorrow’s visual culture. 

"Flamenco 8Bits" by Pau Senabre
(7pm & 9pm)
Pau Senabre’s "Flamenco 8Bits" performed by dancer Juana Ramirez will kick off and Wear Is Art's Vernissage. A repeat performance to mark the close of the night's festivities will send everyone home smiling.

Curated / Art Direction by: Daria Marchik
in collaboration with Tata Christiane Couture and Katya Bochavar Textile Art
(7:30 – 9pm)
Daria Marchik was selected to create a site specific piece for the WEAR IS ART exhibit and to curate a very special Vernissage event. Her art installations embody WEAR IS ART’s concept to create a refreshing platform that reflects a society which embraces many art forms. Together with Tata Christiane and Katya Bochavar, Marchik has produced an extraordinary event for Wear Is Art’s Vernissage encapsulating indulgence and exploration. An amalgamation of Berlin's androgynous core and deviant sexuality, Huxley's future and tribal rituals, the dark cover of night and neon light, their program of live performance is an impromptu encounter of physical and metaphysical human nature.

Special Thanks:

Event Photographers:           Falko Siewert & Jennifer Posener
                                          Claudia Brijbag Fotografie
IT Support:                          Grant Kessler
Equipment Support:             David (audio/visual)
                                          Danny (audio)
                                          Kim (vehicle)
Dam Stuhltrager:                  Elena Gilbert
                                          Brose Partington
                                          Sean Hunter Williams

A collaborative project organized by/at:
Dam Stuhltrager Project Space
Opening Hrs: Friday & Saturday 12 - 6pm
Venue: Dam Stuhltrager Project Space
Address: Fichtestr. 3, Hinterhaus
Directions: U7 Suedstern
Website: or
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