Fresh off of being integral in organizing the highly successful Berlin Collect at Dam Stuhtrager Project Space curators Verity Oberg, Inken Bornholdt and Samantha Sachs present WEAR IS ART.

Dam, Stuhltrager began in 1998 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The gallery became known as an incubator of emerging talent and for groundbreaking exhibitions that incorporate technology or utilize mediums in a new, fresh way. Believing in building careers for artists, Leah Stuhltrager keeps the same roster of nine artists as when she first began. These nine DSG artists have shown in top international museums, been in biennials across the globe and completed Public Art projects for some of the most visible venues in the world. A Berlin project space was started in 2010 to serve as a venue to host noncommercial projects and an international residency program.

Curatorial Team:

Inken Bornholdt was born and bred in the mercurial metropolis of Berlin. She has worked with fashion designer Up Art and was Director of Community Programming at RSProjects. A culture enthusiast and media / literature scholar, she contributes to the bilingual New Design Times whilst freelance curating. 

Verity Oberg grew up with the allied forces in occupied Berlin, shaping her interest in contemporary history and urban development. A graduate of New School University (NYC) and Humboldt University (Berlin), Oberg holds private tours of her hometown and recently completed an audio guide to Berlin. She works in the Arts as a freelance writer, curator and as the gallerist behind Retramp.

Samantha Sachs joined DSG’s curatorial team for six months as a visiting scholar through Stanford University’s Krupp Internship Program in Germany. During that time she was instrumental in developing and launching Wear Is Art. Post internship, Sachs returned to her native California and is working in media relations.

Leah Stuhltrager is known her projects which unite different genres of art and incorporate technology. She's curated and managed Public Art projects for some of the most visible international venues and events including Lincoln Center (New York), Coachella (Indio), E-Halle (Basel), Convention Center (Istanbul), Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), The Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg) and the Oriental Pearl Tower (Shanghai). She currently is working with The City of Vienna, managing Public Art projects as part of the redevelopment of Taborstrasse.