Daria Marchik hails from Moscow, Berlin, London, New York and Paris. Her installations are equal parts fine art, fashion, theater, performance art, photography, multimedia art and music. She has curated / exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Chelsea Museum in NYC, State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Gogol Festival in Kiev, and had solo multimedia projects in esteemed, international galleries and fairs. Interlacing being a visual artist, photographer and director Marchik has created a role, entity and persona all her own under the moniker “DAM” or “DAMES”. (www.DariaMarchik.com)

Tata Christiane Couture develops two collections a year, producing limited series lines and unique pieces. Using hand made and industrial production, Christiane combines notions of poetics, fine art, vintage and street-wear to create contemporary costumes. Harboring neither a idealistic concept nor a vision for society, Tata Christiane operates on the border of elegance and bad taste, reminiscing on fond nostalgia and recalling unflattering memories alike. (www.TataChristiane.com)

Daria Marchik & Tata Christiane were selected to create a site specific piece for the Wear Is Art exhibit and to curate a very special Vernissage event. These two artists form a collaborative team whose art installations embody Wear Is Art's concept to create a refreshing platform that reflects a society that embraces many art forms.

"DAMTATIC" Curated by Daria Marchik & Tata Christiane
(7:30 – 9pm)
Daria Marchik & Tata Christiane’s "DAMTATAC" encapsulates indulgence and exploration. An amalgamation of Berlin's androgynous core and deviant sexuality, Huxley's future and tribal rituals, the dark cover of night and neon light, this live performance is an impromptu encounter of physical and metaphysical human nature.

Vernissage Event “DAMTATAC” ®
Couture Fashion Installation & Performance
Curated / Art Direction by: Daria Marchik
in collaboration with Tata Christiane Couture


Celebrity Performers:


VJ & Light Artist:

Eugeniy Dahl

ACT II (8:30pm)

Fetish Designers:



Performance Artists:
Bianca Fox
Pereira Bernaldina

Live Fire Show:

Installation Graphic Art-work:

Hair Art:

Additional Models:
Ave Nimelliuv
Laura Brundrett

Moga e Mago embraces the magic of modern hedonism through luxury accessories made of the finest leathers and furs. This design team of Elisa Lindenberg and Tobias Noventa is quickly emerging as a top fashion force from Berlin. (www.mogaemago.com) Press inquiries: Fier Management.


atelier & showroom
brunnenstraße 65
13355 berlin


Pau Senabre is Spanish multimedia artist who combines 8 bit technology, light, patterns and dance in his wearable, interactive art "Flamenco 8Bits". Senabre’s art connects traditional to modern, opening dialogue on cross-culturalism and generational gaps.

Pau Senabre’s "Flamenco 8Bits" performed by dancer Juana Ramirez will kick off and Wear Is Art's Vernissage. A repeat performance to mark the close of the night's festivities will send everyone home smiling.

Mimosa Pale is a Finnish performance and sculptural artist who creates things to adorn the head, commonly called hats. Her work is exhibited in galleries and her own shop called HIMO on Weserstrasse in Berlin.

Margarita Mileva  reappropriated nearly 15,000 rubber bands to create a dress inspired by Paul Klee's color theory and the Bauhaus movement. A Manhattan architect / designer, Mileva co-founded MILEV ARCHITECTS, a firm with completed projects in London, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC and NYC.


15 E 40th Street, FL 9
New York, NY 10016


Kim Berit Heppelmann is a Berlin based designer who combines different genres of Art with elements inspired by nature's design to create one of a kind Haute Couture garments. Her label, kimberit, sets value on environmentally friendly materials.

Atelier / Showroom
Reichenberger strasse 72a
10999 Berlin