A city redefined several times in the last century, Berlin is an unparalleled example of the reflexive relationship between artist ingenuity and the society from which creativeness is derived. Berlin’s turbulent modern history has marked it as a place of eternal renewal, where starting over is not only possible but essential. This legacy of perpetual motion has attracted artists and designers to Berlin for decades.

Honoring this unique dynamism, "WEAR IS ART" presents original works exemplifying how fine art transcends white walls and gilded frames into a fashionable style. From a Flamenco dress of interactive LED lights to a modern Victorian ensemble topped with a soaring headdress of shot glasses to a gown comprised of over 15,000 rubber bands to a projected outfit – Wear Is Art includes new works that re-envision subject matter, mediums and styles of tomorrow’s visual culture.


Unique contemporary art pieces by emerging and established talents in the Arts or Fashion are included in a one-month exhibition and performance event at two public sites of the city of Berlin.

From Classicism to Surrealism to Environmental Art, artists/designers will infuse their ingenuity to step forward artistically from a specific art history movement.

Embodying the city of Berlin's energetic meld of reinvention of style and form, WEAR IS ART is a platform for innovative ideas that add to the defining elements of the past.